AWKNG is a movement passionately devoted to equipping pastors and ministry leaders with the resources they need to operate in wholeness and empower their congregations to operate in their priestly calling. We believe Jesus desires to restore his church to operating from a posture of overflow and abundance and has called his people to unite, living flourishing lives as a gospel witness to an onlooking world. By partnering with AWKNG, your investment makes it possible to invest in the wholeness of pastors and ministry leaders from around the world through initiatives like Honey Lake Farms and the Awakening School of Theology and Ministry. Ask the Lord what part he would have you and your church play to financially partner with AWKNG.


Honey Lake Leadership Retreat Center seeks to empower pastors, ministry leaders, and their families to live in wholeness as they seek to be faithful stewards of God’s calling on their lives and in their contexts. The fast-paced and demanding nature of modern local-church ministry has left many ministers feeling depleted and broken. This depletion can result in burn out and relational dysfunction, which causes many to leave vocational ministry entirely. The ministry of Honey Lake Leadership Retreat Center not only seeks to bring restoration and wholeness to those who have been wounded or burnt out but also to equip whole families with proactive and preventative care so they can flourish in ministry for the long haul.


The goal of Awakening School of Theology and Ministry is to produce men and women who think well about biblical theology and who are committed to believing loyalty to the King of kings, Jesus Christ. In today’s world it is essential that those who name the name of Christ be able to think clearly about the supernatural meta-narrative of Scripture and its implications, not only for what it can teach us about God, the mission of Jesus, providence, and the struggle against evil, but also to mold the believer’s sense of the mission of the Church. Fulfilling the Great Commission has never been about personal fulfillment.  The goal is nothing less than the consummation of the family of God, the healing of the nations, and the destruction of the kingdom of darkness, not through human institutions, but through the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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