Stovall and Kerri Weems founded Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL in 1998.  Since its inception Celebration has grown to include local, regional and international locations.  Both Stovall and Kerri have also authored several books, including Awakening: A New Approach to Faith, Fasting and Spiritual Freedom; The God-First Life: Uncomplicate Your Life, God¹s Way; Clueless: 10 Things I Wish I Knew About Motherhood Before Becoming a Mom; Rhythms of Grace: Discovering God’s Tempo for Your Life, and The Sisterhood Effect.

In 2018, on Good Friday and Passover, Stovall experienced a powerful encounter with the Lord that completely disrupted the way the Weems have viewed ministry for over 20 years.  This encounter led to many significant changes to the ministry model of Celebration Church – including a restoration of teaching on:

  • Returning to our first love, Jesus
  • How we image God and honor His name
  • Covenant loyalty to Jesus
  • The home and family
  • The priesthood of the believer
  • The Lord’s table
  • The Sabbath
  • The altar
  • Fulfilling the Great Commission

As pastors, writers, teachers and conference speakers, the Weems’ ministry focuses on equipping people with the understanding and values necessary to demonstrate loyalty to Jesus, reverse fragmentation, experience restoration, walk in wholeness, and see the kingdom of God demonstrated in the full context of the ecclesia in the home, locally, regionally, and globally.

In 2019 Stovall and Kerri founded and launched a ministry called AWKNG.  Its purpose is to see pastors and leaders explore true revival, restoration, and reform in the Church.  Their heart is to help pastors and ministry leaders return to their first love, King Jesus, and also to a new yoke of ministry that brings joy and wholeness.

Stovall and Kerri have been married for over 20 years and are blessed with three children, Kaylan, Stovie and Annabelle.



Dr. Cloud is an acclaimed leadership expert, psychologist, and best-selling author. He draws on his extensive experience in business, leadership consulting, and clinical psychology, to impart practical and effective advice for improving leadership skills and business performance.Dr. Cloud is a New York Times bestselling author, and his books have sold over 10 million copies. His leadership book, Integrity, was dubbed by the New York Times as “the best book in the bunch.”

In 2011, Necessary Endings was called “the most important book you read all year.” His book “Boundaries For Leaders” was named by CEO Reads in the top five leadership books of its year. Dr. Cloud’s work has been featured and reviewed by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Publisher’s Weekly, Los Angeles Times, and many other publications. Success Magazine named Dr. Cloud in the top 25 of 2014’s most influential leaders in personal growth and development. He is a frequent contributor to CNN, Fox News Channel, and other national media outlets.


Michael S. Heiser (M.A., Ancient History, University of Pennsylvania; M.A., Ph.D., Hebrew Bible and Semitic Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison) is a scholar of the Bible and its ancient context. Dr. Heiser has over 20 years of teaching experience in both university classrooms and online education.

He is presently the Scholar-in-Residence at Logos Bible Software (Faithlife Corp.) and a regular contributor to Faithlife’s Bible Study Magazine. He has supervised scholarly data projects relating to the Dead Sea Scrolls, Hebrew and Semitic inscriptions, the Septuagint, and the Greek Pseudepigrapha.

Dr. Heiser is also published widely in scholarly journals and is a best-selling author. His books include: The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible (Lexham, 2015); Supernatural: What The Bible Teaches About The Unseen World and Why It Matters (Lexham, 2015); Reversing Hermon: Enoch, The Watchers, and the Forgotten Mission of Jesus Christ (Defender, 2017); Angels: What The Bible Really Says About the Heavenly Host (Lexham, 2018); and the 60-Second Scholar series: Brief Insights on Mastering Bible Study (Zondervan, 2018); Brief Insights on Mastering the Bible (Zondervan, 2018); Brief Insights on Mastering Bible Doctrine (Zondervan, 2018).

Dr. Heiser advocates that interpreting the Bible in proper context means reading it in light of the context that produced it instead of Christian tradition or modern thinking.

Readers discover a radical new relevance and coherence when they read the Bible through the eyes of its ancient writers.

Dr. Heiser is also the creator of The Naked Bible blog and the popular Naked Bible Podcast, which passed five million downloads in 2019. In addition, Dr. Heiser’s non-profit ministry ( provides translations of his work free of charge in over a dozen languages.



Pastor Tim Timberlake, along with his wife Jennifer, serve as the lead pastors of Christian Faith Center in Creedmoor, North Carolina. Tim is a gifted communicator and teacher that has the ability to minister to people of all cultures and generations through his in-depth Bible teaching, sense of humor, and leading of the Holy Spirit.  

God has given Tim and Jennifer a vision and a heart for helping people meet Jesus, and each week he teaches the Word in a format for people to apply it in their daily lives. Jen and Tim have one son, Maxwell. Tim is an avid sports fan and a popular thought leader.  He is also a graduate of the Pistis Bible College in Detroit, Michigan.



Paul Wilbur has been preaching, teaching, and leading millions in worship for almost four decades. Millions have bought his albums or seen him lead worship in person, and hundreds of thousands experienced his wit and Godly wisdom as a speaker/teacher.

Paul is a best-selling, award-winning author, whose unique blend of insight discovered from worldwide travel and an intimate relationship with Jesus, and mixed with the grease of humor, make him engaging, insightful and transformative.


As musicians, writers and singers, Celebration Worship exists to create, capture, develop and display the heart and sound of Celebration Church through praise and worship. Following the leadership of our Senior Pastors Stovall and Kerri Weems, we believe that Christ and His church are the hope of the world and seek to create an environment that reflects that belief, with songs that celebrate and proclaim His love, grace, and truth. A passion for connecting with Christ ourselves, and furthering the cause of His church, fuels our desire for all people to experience God’s presence each time we gather together.

Celebration Worship, as a whole, is made up of a dedicated team of worshippers who give their time and talents in the hope that God is glorified in and through us as we lead people into His presence.