A global family of Kingdom-minded churches


The Awakening Association exists to bring wholeness to pastors and leaders throughout the world. Our mission is to AWAKEN the Pastorate, RESTORE the Family, EMPOWER the Church, and REACH the poor and oppressed. This is done through AWKNG United Nights, Open House events, Pastoral Meet-ups and Kingdom missional opportunities. 

AWAKEN the Pastorate

RESTORE the Family

EMPOWER the Church

REACH the Poor and Oppressed

What are AWKNG United Nights?

In God’s eyes there is only one church. AWKNG United Nights are regional gatherings where churches can set aside their brand and come together in unity and agreement. These nights include corporate worship, prayer for the region and a powerful time of communion.

What are AWKNG Open House events?

AWKNG Open House Events are 1-3 day strategic gatherings designed to help pastors and leaders walk in wholeness, embrace the gospel of the Kingdom and restore the Great Commission.

What are AWKNG Pastoral Meet-ups?

AWKNG Pastoral meet-ups happen in various regions throughout the world and are designed for pastors to form relational connections as they join together to advance the Kingdom.

What are AWKNG Kingdom Mission Opportunities?

AWKNG Kingdom Missional Opportunities are simply mission initiatives that pastors and their churches can become involved with and support. These initiatives provide a strategic way for all churches (regardless of size, demographic or region)  to help move the Great Commission forward by directly reaching the poor and oppressed.